Also see the Los Altos Robotics website for more information on robotics programs in the Los Altos and Los Altos Hills area in Northern California.  We fielded our first Botball team in 2002 and have had one or more teams since then.  Below is information on how to join a team and results from past seasons.  Contact me, Michael Schuh, at the email above or (650) 965-8037 home or (650) 604-1460 work if you need more information.

If you are new to the Botball program and/or are trying to figure out how to find and join a team in the Los Altos, California area, please read the "2023 Season Information" section below to see how we do things.  For the 2022 season, we had 7 teams with 38 team members from San Jose to Atherton.  Four of the teams met in Los Altos, and one team each in Palo Alto and Atherton. To be sure to receive an email telling you when to sign up, I suggest subscribing to the TigerBots email list.

Here is the Los Altos Community Botball teams calendar.

2023 Season Information

Here is the Botball Spring 2023 Competition Information and Application.  To participate on a team organized by the Los Altos Community Botball Teams, by January 13, 2023 you need to

The Botball Spring 2023 Competition Information and Application has all of the details.

Season Competition Results

Teams: 41 team members on 6 teams.  Three of the teams met in Los Altos, one each in Menlo Park, Mountain View and Sunnyvale.

2008 Robots

2009 Season

There were two Los Altos Community Teams for the first time since our first team in 2002.  They built some great robots and both teams performed well in the Northern California Botball Competition and at the 2009 Global Conference on Educational Robotics.

July 1-5,  2009 Botball Global Conference on Educational Robotics (GCER) competition in Leesburg, VA Results

The two teams combined forces to enter the GCER competition.  The A-team provided the seeding robots and Team-1 provided the double elimination robots. Kyle Montgomery, Toby Macaluso, Jeremy Macaluso, Kevin Low, Steven Murray, Alex Perry, Brian Silverman, Parker Schuh, Steven Knipe, Joshua Horowitz, Lucas Tong, Drew McReynolds, and Brandon Huang

March 28, 2009 Northern California Botball Tournament Results

2008 Season was Awesome!

July 8-11, 2008 International Botball Tournament

The tournament was part of the 2008 Global Conference on Educational Robotics, hosted by the University of Oklahoma in Norman, Oklahoma. 58 Teams from around the world brought their robots to compete in the event.  Steven Knipe, Kyle Montgomery, and Jeremy Macaluso attend the tournament and Travis and Parker helped by cell phone.  The Los Altos Community Botball team has attended the national competition six out of the last seven years.  This year's performance is the best that the team has ever done.  Well done team!

2008, April 19, Tenth Annual Northern California Botball Tournament at Santa Clara University.

Los Altos Community Botball Team with Travis Schuh, team captain, 9th graders Kyle Montgomery and Parker Schuh, 8th graders Kevin Low and Jeremy Macaluso, 7th grader Steven Murray and 6th graders Steven Knipe, Alex Perry and Brian Silverman.  The team represents eight different schools.  Results.

2007 Season

2007 Team
            Picture by Montgomery

The Los Altos Robotics Community Botball team won the 2007 Botball & Beyond CAD Contest.  Go to the Botball CAD Contest page to view the video.

Contest Goal: Create a movie, animation, or sequence of images that explain your Botball or Beyond Botball robot system: how the robots work, what they will do during seeding, and how your robots will handle themselves when faced with opponents in the head to head. Your entry should primarily be informative about your system, accurate in modeling and strategy, and, where possible, artistic and entertaining. This is a CAD (Computer Aided Design) contest, so your CAD work should be front and center.

2007 Northern California Competition Results - We did really well!

2006 Season

We attended the 2006 July 7-10, National Conference on Educational Robotics was held in Norman Oklahoma.

We attended the April 22, 2006 Northern California Botball Competition at Santa Clara University.

We tied for First Place in the Documentation part of the competition. However, we scored 0 points in the seeding round and lost all of our double elimination rounds. Our design was too aggressive and failed to work at all in the competition.

2005 Season

The Los Altos Community Botball team won first place at the 2005 Silicon Valley Regional Competition on April 23, 2005 at Santa Clara University. Through generous support from the local community, friends, and family they also competed in the Botball National Competition in Jacksonville, Florida on July 13-17, 2005. There, they were finalist in a very competed field and were awarded the Judges Choice award for "Excellence in Engineering and Sportsmanship".

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