FIRST LEGO League Common Email Questions


I have been organizing teams since 1999 and have received many emails with the same questions in them.  I am posting the answers here so that you can read them before taking the trouble of emailing your questions to me.

Common Email Questions and Answers

Be sure and send in the sign up information including your volunteer information and check for $150 by this Friday Aug 27, 2004.  It would also probably enrich your child's experience in FIRST LEGO League if you checked around and got some of their friends to join in too.  My role in the Los Altos Community Teams is to help people organize into teams and to organize the scrimmage and local competition events.  There is only a program if volunteers come forward to make it happen.  Give me a call if you have any questions.  965-8037 Home or 604-1460 Work.
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