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Subject: Thank You!
Date: Wed, 23 Oct 2002 10:31:07 -0400

This is a long overdue Thank You!

After suffering for 6 years on and off with a terrible fissure, I am happy to report that it has now been a full year of pain and blood free bowel movements!! I know that sounds crazy to write, but having suffered for so long, for me it is something to be proud of.

I am a 36 year old male I first developed a fissure after having knee surgery when I was 28. I was pumped up on Tylenol codiene pills and became constipated, my first BM after 3 days was terrible!!

I suffered for the first 2-3 years thinking I had bad hemorrhoids that would come and go. The pain became so bad I went to the doctor, and she explained what a fissure was. Nothing she prescribed really worked for long. Sometimes the pain was soothed a little by the hydrocortisone foam, but the problem never really went away. I would wake up in the morning absolutely afraid of the BM and the subsequent half hour after of pain!

I found your website a year and a half ago, read all the accounts, and changed my eating and drinking habits! WOW!!!

Week after week the pain became less and less. Then last October it started to happen - No pain!, No blood!

I was afraid to write you to thank you, for fear I would jinx myself. After a year, I am now confident my problem is gone.

I eat Kellogg's Bran Buds with psyllium each and every single morning without fail. I cut out the coffee and drink very little orange juice. I limit my alcohol to 1 or 2 glasses of wine, or a beer on my days off. Lots more Chicken and Turkey, a whole lot less Beef. Very little dairy. Nothing fried. Lots of fruits. Lots of Veggies.

But most of all WATER, WATER, WATER!

Thank You for changing my life!

P.S. The one thing I used to do to help soothe the pain during the bad days was Cold, Cold Water. I used to use wash cloths soaked in very cold water. The pain and throbbing went away a whole lot faster. Warm water always aggravated the problem. Freezing cold cloths helped every time.

Once again a big, big Thanks!

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