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Date: Wed, 02 Oct 1996 23:52:48

Subject: Self treatment option for fissures


You are truly providing a public service here!

I read one of your fan letters from "Vic" and noticed that she (or he?) wanted to improve the odds of her fissure healing on it's own. She quoted her doctor as saying that fissures have a 50/50 chance of healing by themselves.

(I cannot locate "Vic" or 50/50 in any of my pages but still want to include her thoughts.)

Based on personal experience and a lot of thought on this matter, I would like to present another option to chemical stool softeners (i.e. drugs). I call it "Simple Enema Therapy."

Basically, you can administer a succession of small enemas (maybe two three), at strategic times of the day. The objective is twofold: one is to prevent large stools from forming (hence stool-softening and "ouch reduction"), and two is clear the rectum of fecal matter. I expect the latter to be especially beneficial at night before going to bed, as it gives the rectum several hours to heal before being bombarded with more feces.

I see several advantages of the enema therapy over drugs:

I hope you and your fans find this helful.

Just call me "Jenny", the latest fan of the "Fissure Forum"

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