Fan 9

Date: Wed, 16 Apr 1997
Subject: Cause of constipation in women

Dear Jack--

Let me say again how helpful your page is. It answered so many questions and really got me on the right track for managing my fissure. I followed most of the advice of patient 6 and am now managing quite well with no pain.

I wanted to ask you to post this note about the origin of the fissure (indirectly). Turns out the uterine fibroid I've had for years (a benign tumor that many women have, although some never experience any problems with it whatsoever) is most likely what caused the frequent constibpation that in turn led to the fissure. I'm debating now whether it's worth the hassle to have the fibroid surgically removed. (Since it causes no other problems and is relatively small, I fear I may have trouble finding a surgeon willing to take the risk or use one of the more current methods for removing fibroids just to save me the hassle of watching my diet carefully, eating bran cereal, etc.)

Anyway, I hope you'll pass this on, as many, many women have fibroids, and so may be enlightened, as I was, by this finding.

Thanks again.

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