Patient 22 - Anal Fissure Surgery not Immediately Effective

Patient 22
Anal Fissure Surgery not Immediately Effective

Date: Thu, 13 May 1999
Subject: Anal Fissure Surgery not Immediately Effective

Greetings, jack, your page was a godsend, helpful, supporting and informative. I am one of those who had the surgery and wanted to pass on my story as it wasn't the usual immediate relief/cure. Please post it on the self help page if you think it would be helpful.

It started with the very worst hemorrhoid flare up in November 98 with the fissure occurring as that was healing. In spite of using metamucil, proctosone ointment, it didn't heal. I didn't tolerate or persevere with the nitro ointment due to headaches/dizziness. After 4 months of misery, I had the surgery on March 1. It seemed like it just made things terribly worse except for having the sentinel pile missing.

I suffered with intense pain and lots of bleeding for 6 weeks then tried the nitro again. I was taking so much ibuprofen, the headaches were tolerable. It also helped to get used to the nitro gradually by increasing the amount used. Now, taking 3-4 docusate, 1 metamucil, increasing fruit and vegetables, losing weight, exercising more, I am still having relapses depending on the amount and consistency of stool. At 9 weeks the surgeon said the fissure was smooth, I was still requiring daily ibuprofen for pain although the bleeding was minimal. I think things change in that area daily.

My surgeon shared another patient's perspective on the experience of having a bm with a fissure: "like passing a red-hot cannon ball wrapped in barbed wire"! I can relate!

Date: Fri, 14 May 1999
Subject: Re: Patient 22

Hi again jack, thanks for the reply. I am happy to be included in the page as patient 22 and am good to receive email regarding this or from other patients at this email address and would prefer my real name be left out. I will send an update as I progress and thank you for the positive outlook on that, I need it!

Thanks again and best wishes.

Date: Mon, 13 Sep 1999
Subject: Update from Patient 22

I am continuing to slowly heal and some days I feel almost normal. I am still on 2 docusate and 1 metamucil daily. still take 1/2-1 dose ibuprofen daily but the pain is decreasing in duration and intensity. Am still on nitro and found that it is very important to get the stuff in the fissure and avoid the surrounding areas. this helps to decrease headaches and it may be necessary to find a contortion that allows you to get it in the right place. Am still very careful of diet, getting lots of exercise, and drinking at least 1 1/2-2 liters water daily. another important helpful measure has been to sit on a heating pad as often as feasible at home, this decreases pain and spasm and seems to help with more circulation and healing. hope to be healed soon as I am approaching a year with pain and problems!

Date: Wed, 6 Oct 1999
Subject: Further update pt 22

I am nearly healed! I have been off any painkillers and nitro ointment for a week. I am still using heat, and found an herb useful for treating fissures. It is called gotukola and I have been on 2 capsules twice a day for over 2 weeks. It has caused no side effects and I believe it has helped the healing.

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