Patient 27

Patient 27

Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2001 14:54:41
To: jackfaf6
Subject: Contribution to Anal Fissure Self Help Page

jack, thanks for your site. it helped to read testimonials and try out different methods of dealing with a rather painful (and apparently large) fissure. Thought I would write and tell you my success. Please refrain from posting my email or name, however if you decide to post this on your site.

My fissure was actually due to a complication from anal surgery for HPV. After the surgery, my doctor had recommended Colace up to four times a day and Citrucel in the morning. I drank A LOT of water, and still, for some reason, my stool still too was firm and eventually caused a fissure. I really believe that coffee and meat played a role in this.

He prescribed the Nitroglycerin ointment, and I read on your site about BF&C which I also bought. The doctor told me that I would need to insert my finger into my anus to apply the nitroglycerin ointment, but it proved too painful with the fissure. So I started using a q-tip and inserting that gently and partially to coat the muscle with the ointment. Then I applied a bit of ointment on the outside of my anus as well. This happened three times a day. I ALWAYS had to take about three Tylenol after each application to relieve the sudden headache.

I also used the BF&C ointment but did not show any signs of improvement. I discontinued use of the BF&C ointment after two weeks.

I should mention as well that I changed my diet dramatically. I cut out meat and coffee completely, as well hard to digest foods like popcorn, peanuts, and apples. I began my morning with a glass of Citrucel, then followed with a hearty bowl of raisin bran. At about 7 pm, I had a second glass of Citrucel, then before I went to bed had a cup of Laxatea, a "wellness" tea from Celestial Seasonings. The diet kept my stool firm enough to not be diarrhea, but soft enough to pass gently allowing the fissure to heal. I also did not use Colace.

Week three of this I saw a dramatic improvement, and continued the regiment, and by week six, the fissure had completely healed.

Obviously, this worked for me after some trial and error, but I would encourage others not to give up, and continue to modify their diet. The tea, the Citrucel, and the raisin bran seemed to work perfectly for me.

Thanks for having such a great resource

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