Patient 3

Patient 3

Date: Mon, 23 Sep 1996


Subject: Update

Hey. I read the stuff I sent you on your website. Well a lot has happened since then.

I started taking the nitro and didn't notice anything for about 5 or 6 days. In fact, my ulcers had gotten so bad that I was ready to lose my mind. I'm talking about throbbing pain all day long, as if I had just given birth. It got to the point where I couldn't even pass a stool without it getting stuck and having to push so hard that I'd get a charlie horse in my stomach muscles, not to mention excrutiating pain.

At my wits end, I gave one final begging cry to God to please help me; give me wisdom to know what to do ie. surgery or not. I wanted to know by the next day. Well...he heard me. The next day I had to go and I decided to sit on the bathtub first and try to relax. I had used the nitro as instructed and I sat in hot water and focused on relaxing my sphincter. I felt it to see how it reacted to relaxation and tensing up, etc. I had the urge to go so I decided to pull my rectum open a little bit on the side that wasn't damaged. Without any effort I passed the easiest stool I've passed in years right in the tub. Yuck!!!!

But, it was the beginning of my healing. I've done this everyday for 3 weeks now, also using the nitro 4 times a day, plus before and after a movement. I don't go in the tub anymore but I sit in there first, just to make sure. My ulcers are almost all the way healed. I'm so excited. I have my life back. I couldn't eat anymore and now I can't stop eating. I had tried everything else.

At night before bed, I take a small tbsp. of psyllium seed husk in water and a D.S.S. stool softener and that's it. Otherwise I eat pretty normally. I go to the bathroom every morning and I'm doing just great.

Throughout this process I spoke with Dr. Stephen Gorfine in New York. He was extremely encouraging. What a great guy! I would recommend anyone speaking with him. I don't even know if it's the nitro or the bath, but I do know it's God that led me to the right situations. I'm so happy.

I hope this helps someone.


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