Patient 32

Patient 32

Date: Tue, 09 Oct 2001 11:47:07 -0400
Subject: My story

Hi Jack,

Perhaps this may benefit someone. I wish to be anonymous. Thanks ever so much!

My story:

The short version: The Tinactin WORKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The long version (concise as possible): I have been coping with fissures four about four years. At first I thought it was a small hemorrhoid and did the usual denial thing. Maybe it would go away, increase fibre, water, etc. It got worse and I finally went to the doctor. He scolded me for ignoring rectal bleeding and referred me to a general surgeon. The surgeon recommended a scope but seemed to think it wasn't anything serious, so gave me a choice to try other treatments which I did, including Prep H, other creams and some plastic thing that you stick in the freezer then insert (I can't remember what it's called). It would hurt to insert it and sometimes came out with blood (now I know why)! After several months of not getting anywhere I finally submitted to a scope, which found nothing but hurt a lot because of the friction against the (still undiagnosed) fissure. I developed a strange rash around my mouth that I believe might have been caused by the gas they use (which they don't tell you about until after the procedure). Great. The surgeon prescribed Prodiem fibre supplement. I drank more water, watched what I ate, exercised, did the warm bath routine, even tried BF&C ointment and still didn't really get anywhere.

I muddled through several months of angst and anxiety until I went for a regular physical this year when my MD did a finger check. It hurt like hell but did not bleed. I was furious with him for hurting me. He wanted me to go for another scope but I could not bear the thought of running a tube over such a sore area and told him I would not do any such thing until I got some kind of control over the pain. He gave me a cream with cortisone and camphor which stung upon application then eventually subsided but did little for my condition. I'm not sure what tweaked me onto it but I started doing research on anal fissures. That's when I found your web site. What a Godsend! As soon as I read it I knew I had a fissure. I went back to the surgeon and told her. She did a visual check and told me I was right. FINALLY! The right diagnosis!

I felt both angry and vindicated. Why don't doctors check for this? A simple visual check earlier on (instead of the finger treatment) could have saved me a lot of grief. At least the surgeon knew about nitro ointment and gave me a prescription right away. It took time to figure out how to use the stuff properly and I would get some of the usual side affects. I also began taking Senocot with softener once a day which seemed to help. During this time I discovered that I had more than one fissure. As the large fissure would heal, two smaller ones would start to flare up. I would also get itching, spasms, a lot of discomfort. But things seemed to stabilize and after six weeks thought I could ease off the Senokot (I had stopped the nitro after about three weeks). What a mistake that was! Three days after stopping the Senokot I had a major episode of excrutiating pain and bleeding. It took weeks to get things under control again with the nitro cream and Senokot. I hovered in this cycle of improving but then flaring up again and I could not figure out why. I was trying to be so careful about everything. It was making me crazy!

Back to the surgeon where I'm told that I can keep managing things as I was or choose surgery. It was pretty well up to me. Great. I felt trapped. Suffer this unpredictable existence or submit to surgery that may or may not work. The surgeon recommended slowly adding Metamucil and phasing out the Senokot because it is an irritant (she told me). But I could not seem to tolerate even 1/2 tsp a day of Metamucil without it aggravating the fissure. I thought fibre was supposed to improve this condition? I was becoming quite despondent. Just when I'd think I finally got control of things I'd have major painful, bleeding episodes that would take days or weeks to heal. I had nightmares about undergoing surgery. It seemed like I was headed that way eventually. Every time I read the surgical accounts on your web page I'd shudder. It sounds like the management that takes place without surgery has to carry on after surgery. The pain also terrified me.

I was also getting unexplained episodes of vertigo, headaches and nausea. The episodes were mild and I had no change in vision, hearing, balance, etc. My surgeon ruled out nitro because I stopped using it regularly and only use it in the event of a flare up. She didn't seem worried and told me to talk to my GP about it. My GP checked blood pressure, thyroid, anemia, iron, etc. but found nothing. I feared undergoing surgery with unresolved dizziness. I couldn't help but think there is a connection between the vertigo, the headaches, the nausea, the spasms and the fissures. I was so depressed. While I was recovering from trying to introduce Metamucil and go off Senocot I clicked on to your web site again and began poring over the accounts of surgical experiences. They made me shudder. I was trying to reconcile myself to the idea that I would have to endure this eventually.

I was drinking copious amounts of water, consuming high fibre foods, eating very little meat, dairy and all that stuff. The labour breathing tip was a good one and has been very helpful. What was I doing wrong? I didn't want surgery. What if it did not work? What then? Then I checked your random page and read about the person who tried Tinactin. I just happened to have some in the house so I thought "oh why not?" Within fifteen minutes of applying the stuff I started feeling better and by the next morning I was normal!! No pain, no bleeding, no spasms, no itching, no soreness, no dread. Everything normal. I could not believe it!! Surely I was dreaming. I stopped taking the Senokot that day and I was absolutely fine! I was stunned. I felt like I'd been released from prison, rescued from a desert island, like I'd found my way out of a dark cave. How is it that a $2 tube of over-the-counter foot cream could cure a condition (in less than twenty-four hours) when several dollars worth of various painkillers, digestive aids, diets, exercise and ointments had failed to make a dent? Is this condition merely a bad case of athlete's butt?! I've suffered for more than three years and endured the anxiety and dread of surgery that perhaps isn't needed???! What's going on here? Is anyone doing research into this?!

Ironically I'd bought the Tinactin a year ago for a rash on my arm and it had not worked. If it had not been lying around the house already I do not thingk I would have gone out and bought some. I was too exhausted and resigned. Ingredients in Tinactin: (1%) tolnaftate USP. Butylated Hydroxytoluene, Carbomer 934P,Mono-amylamine, Polyethylene glycol 400, Propylene Glycol, Titanium Dioxide.

Is this going to be temporary? My other symptoms seem to have cleared up too. It seems to good to be true. I'll take what I can get. At least I can think. I can eat. I don't have to spend hours getting up in the morning. Thank you whoever for sharing that suggestion and thank you Jack for maintaining this web site.

Date: Tue, 15 Oct 2001

A reader pointed out that the original post of this report had Tinactin misspelled. It used to be spelled Tinactine and I fixed this on 15 Sept 01.

Tinactin is a common over the counter Athlete's Foot, Jock Itch, and Ringworm antifungal cream. You can find out more at the web page. Jack.

Subject: Tinactin Advice - A Note of Caution
Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2002 08:54:44

Hi Jack:

I thought I really had to add this "advice" about Tinaction, in my case. I was So happy with the success of using it till, one morning , I woke up with the anal area the size of a pumpkin and with blisters all over. Scary!!!

I run to the doctor and reluctantly told him I was using Tinactin. To make the long story short, I had really "cooked" my anal derma. The blisters were for a second degree burn !!!

So, bye bye so long Tinactin...

I hope it helps.

She wrote me again after about a month and adds:

Date: Tue, 19 Mar 2002 20:22:22

Thank you. The only additional info about my "Tinactin Adventure" is that it's use did cause considerable damage to the skin and by then I was treating 2 conditions - the fissure and the burn. The burn took me out of the water that was the only relief for the spasms and my condition did worsen a lot. After this additional pain I finally went to surgery. GREAT choice!!! I do regret I did not have it done as soon as the fissure was born. Surgery was painless and the relieve was immediate. The pain I had after surgery was nothing compared to the one before. and after 4 weeks and exactly 3 days I had no pain at all - complete and total healing. And no side effects after surgery - everything is in place.

Thank you so much for maintaining the list. It literally saved my life since I was so depressed till I found your list that I was really giving up hope. The list is just precious.

Thank you.

Subject: Tinactin worked for me.
Date: Sat, 25 Jan 2003 23:38:48 -0600

Another person writes:

I was diagnosed with anal fissure about two years ago. I went through the ordeal of rectal examination, suppositories and creams as expensive as they were useless (sometimes painful), diet, exercise, and the final ultimatum of my physician recommending surgery when nothing seemed to work. I was hurting all the time, and every bowel movement was feared as a real torture.

After reading in your page the testimony of a patient who obtained major relief with the application of Tinactin, I tried it. I have been using it every day since then, one year ago, and I have never had any more pain, blood, even discomfort, not even once. Tinactin did it for me.

I apply a very small, pea-size amount, after every bowel movement. It does not hurt or burn, at least in my case.

Thank you for your very useful page.

This person wrote back on 20 Sep 2005 with:

Regarding Patient 32 and Tinactin. On January 26, 2003, I wrote to tell you how much Tinactin had helped me to cure "miraculously" my anal fissure. Since then I have had three very minor incidents of pain (caused by hard stools) and a little bit of blood, which went away immediately after applying Tinactin. Thank you for your page which really changed my life.

In response to my question about his usage and if he had ever tried Vaseline, he wrote back on 20 Sep 2005 with:

Tinactin and only Tinactin did the trick for me from the start, when I was in such a terrible shape. Vaseline never worked. Nor did the very expensives suppositories of which I keep a horrible memory; they were so painful and burning.

And yes, you are right, since my final cure I have used Tinactin exclusively on those three occasions in which the symptoms reappeared briefly (THAT pain we know so well, and a little blood, very red). It was sufficient to apply Tinactin once and the pain went away, and the blood as well.

I am still amazed at how this has solved my problem.

This person wrote back on 1 Oct 2006 with:

Keeping you and the readers updated. I have used Tinactin only once since my last post, 20 September 2005, as soon as I felt a little discomfort, which disappeared immediately. And to think that five years ago I was all the time in excruciating pain, to the point of being unable to lead a normal life. Incredible as it sounds, I say it again: Tinactin did it for me. God bless you for keeping this site.

This person wrote back on 14 May 2008 with:

My last post was on 1 Oct 2006. I still use Tinactin once or twice a year if needed. All is well.

Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2004 20:08:14 EST

Another person writes:

I just wanted to tell you that some advice on one of your pages has FINALLY provided the relief I have been searching for. It all seemed so simple once I put the facts together. I began having this problem after starting a fitness program which included one hour a day on a stationary bike. I had been breezing along for about a month when out of nowhere I developed an anal fisure. The pain was indescribable and like most people I attributed it to hemorrhoids and stocked up on all the appropriate OTC treatments. A week later with no relief I began stool softeners and fiber which seemed to help somewhat. Today as I was surfing the web looking for answers I found your site and a letter about the effectiveness of Tinactin. The light bulb went on over my head!!!!! All that bike riding had given me a raging case of "jock itch". I went right out and bought the Tinactin, started using it and within a couple of hours the difference was astounding, and welcome. Hope this might help someone else, I don't know what I would have done without the support and advice from others suffering from this painful condition. Thank you!!!!

Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2004 09:01:22 EST

In less than 24 hours most of my symptoms have improved dramatically! Back to the gym........thanks again

Date: Sat, 10 Sep 2005 17:09:14 -0400

Another person writes:

Dear "Jack",

Thanks for maintaining the AF pages. I decided to try Tinactin, suggested by a couple of posts on your AF pages. The results were incredible! Applying a pea-sized amount, there was immediate relief and after 1 week my AF is almost gone. I wish I had read your pages sooner, instead of suffering for 18 months with pain and embarrassment.

I tried the natural ways such as changing diet, no caffeine, and long baths without success. I don't know why the tinactin treatment jumped out from the pages, but I decided to try since I was desperate to avoid surgery. A little tube of Tinactin costs $8.00 at CVS pharmacy, so it was cheap enough to throw away if it didn't work.


Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2006 12:15:20 EDT

Another person writes:

Great web site! I have had anal fissures for 20 years, I decided to try Tinactin after reading your site. Well being very careful to start just a touch of the stuff on the outside, an hour later I put some on the inside fissures and no problems, that night when I went to bed, it felt like the stuff went right to the fissures, no pain at all. I woke up in the morning no pain, had a bowel movement no pain. Put a pea size on the inside and outside combined for about two weeks every day after a bowel movement seemed to clear the problems up! Sometimes it seemed to burn a little bit however not bothersome, I stopped and some soreness came back. So I have started again. This time for a month and then I will stop and see. I wanted to tell you and anyone reading your site, that after years of bleeding and pain and painful bowel movements, that this is the best thing I have ever used, and that I went to a rectal and colon surgeon and he told me that the Tinactin had done no damage, and it looked good inside and out, but try not to use it for a long period. Hope that this can help someone else! I would like to keep private my name and e-mail. Thanks again for your site.

He wrote in previous emails:

Hello, I have been looking at your site for about a week now, I have had anal fissures for 20 years, I am 50. I have had the surgery, it did not help, I have used creams suppositories I have visited at least 3 different doctors and none have been able to help me, the burning and bleeding have been a constant, I called my rectal and colon surgeon, and told him about the Tinactin success with some people, and asked if I should try he said no and do not even think of it. Well since nothing else has worked today I tried it, just a little on the outside and it seemed to cool it down, and will try a little on the inside in about 5 hours.

It has been three days now since using tinactin. Day one put about a pea size in and out and rubbed it in real well, had a bowel movement no pain or burning, put the same amount in later that day, and it seemed fine, in two places inside it burned a little bit for an hour or two, however it seemed to be only where the fissures might have been. Day two no burning or pain with bowel movement, put same amount in after bowel movement, had another bowel movement later in the day, no problems. Today no problems, this is the best I have felt for years, also for some reason the sphincter muscle has relaxed since day one, I have no idea why this is.

Date: Wed, 23 May 2007 22:08:55 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: relief from fissure

Yet another person writes:

Thanks to your page, you provided the necessary information to relieve the worst pain of my whole life, where doctors could not. I have had these fissures for about 7 years now off and on. Most recently, I had one that would not go away for 4 months. Every day was dreaded, with the bowel movement bringing me to my knees in pain. Bouts of occassional diahrrea were worse because they seemed to burn more, not to mention more frequently. I really have never felt so much pain. My doctor prescribed hydrocortisone suppositories, and these did absolutely nothing. I finally started searching on the internet and found your website.

I immediately bought a tube of tinactin cream and neosporin cream (not ointment). I had tried using neosporin ONLY in the past, but to no avail. This time, I used tinactin before bedtime and after each BM. I put on the neosporin in the morning. 3 days later, and I have been pain free since! What a miracle! TINACTIN WORKS!


I followed up by asking:

There are many cure ideas presented on the website. Why did you decide to try Tinactin over the other possible cures?

He responded with:

I tried tinactin because it was the one solution that made sense. I knew that softer BM, and especially loose BM seemed to hurt more, so more water, laxatives, etc was a no-way. Surgery I can't even think about because I really don't want to deal with that kind of risk. I have had athlete's foot and jock itch before, and the 'scaling' effect it has on your skin leads to blisters and painful cracking. It sounded like the cause of an anal fissure to me. The one reader who said he 'cooked' his anal aderma with Tinactin must have used Bengay by accident instead! There are no ingredients that I know of that could burn you in that way.

Date: 20 Mar 2011

Another person writes:

Similar story to many I read on your very useful site. 34 years old, 6 months or more of suffering, almost to the point of not being able to walk at times. Several trips to doctors and referrals to colorectal surgeons, only to be told that I'd probably need surgery. Proctosedyl suppositories and an antifungal ointment were prescribed but did nothing towards long term healing. Also told that I probably had haemorrhoids too because they usually occur with fissures. I wasn't sold on the haemorrhoids diagnosis, having had one previously. Thankfully a long waiting list for the surgery gave me plenty of time to do some research for alternative cures. I was determined to heal it before the date of surgery because I didn't want to face the possibility of incontinence, nor did I want to explain to the boss why I needed 2 days off work.

I found that taking Slippery Elm Bark (naturopathic) made things a lot more comfortable however it didn't seem to lead to any healing. The colorectal surgeon suggested Rectogesic (nitro glycerin) but I also found that this didn't really make much difference other than to offer a little bit of comfort (after the headaches abated!). After reading on your site about Tinactin being a cure for some people, I did some hunting to try and find some here in Australia. This product is not available in Australia however I found an online chemist ( who stock Ringworm Ointment which has the same active ingredient (Tolnaftate 1%). There are a few tinea products available in Australia with Tolnaftate, however this was the only ointment I could find, with the others being powders and sprays. Approx. $14 and 3 days wait saw the ointment delivered to my door. Application twice a day, getting the ointment as close as possible to the fissure (despite packet saying "external use only") and in less than 3 days, I was completely healed!!! It is such a relief to not be afraid of bowel movements.

My suggestion to people would be to try a 2-pronged attack of Slippery Elm Bark and Tinactin/Ringworm Ointment. The Slippery Elm Bark aids digestion and repairs the mucous membrane in the digestive tract, making for much easier and far less painful bowel movements.

Date: 4 Aug 2011

Another person writes:

Hi Jack,

Just wanted to say thanks for your pages, all the stories helped me so much.

I've had hemmerhoids in the past, and very mild anal fissures. I assumed they were all done with, until the other day, when I was having a very painful BM, and I felt it tear really badly in two places. It was agony and there was a lot of blood, way worse than it's ever been before. I immediately started drinking loads of water and eating really well, and despite having soft BMs I was still re-tearing every time I went to the toilet.

So, I googled anal fissures and your site came up. I read a bunch of the stories and kept hearing about how Tinactin worked. Since I'm based in the UK we don't have Tinactin, so I tried a cream that I had called Lamisil, for Athlete's foot and Dhobie Itch (Jock Rach). It was probably quite stupid to try something totally at random, but a day later I had a BM which was pretty much painless. I've only been using the cream for four days, and I feel like I'm almost totally recovered...

I hope this helps someone else. And thanks for your hard work on the site, it's been invaluable.

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