Patient 35

Patient 35

Date: Sun, 8 Dec 2002 12:52:13

I thought your readers might be interested in this:

My daughter had been suffering from constant constipation, repeated chest infections and a small anal fissure for 6 months around the time of her 3rd birthday.

She had already been diagnosed as being severely allergic to egg, so we were quite careful with her diet, however we couldn't identify what was causing the above health problems.

After repeated hospitalisations for her chest resulting in courses of anti-biotics and steroid treatments we had a conversation with a senior consultant who suggested that we removed diary product from her diet 100%.

Within 3 weeks her constipation cleared, the anal fissure disappeared too, and whilst she has had the usual bout of colds she has not had a serious chest infection since. This has been the case for almost a year now!

Removing milk from her diet was complicated by an intolerance to soya, however we found that Rice Milk with a calcium supplement, and separate vitamin supplements have been useful.

For us, removal of dairy has had to be total, as we have found that even slight lapses brings the constipation back. So we scan every food label for cheese, whey, or other milk proteins.

What is equally interesting is that I have also had a mild but irritating anal fissure for years, in removing dairy from my daughters diet, I inadvertantly did the same for myself. And you know what, my fissure has healed!

I recently had a week abroad without my daughter, and became more relaxed with the regime, and by the time I returned so had my problem. For me and my daughter, eating dairy = anal fissure.

Date: Wed, 08 Jan 2003 09:30:59 -0800
Subject: Dairy = fissure (re: Patient 35)

Jack...I have suffered from an irritating fissure for quite a long time. It was not a constant problem but would reappear every few months. However, for the past 6 months, it had become constant and I began to worry that the problem was getting worse.

I went to the internet and found your website. When I read the account of Patient 35, that Dairy = Anal fissure, everything came clear to me. You see, I never liked milk or cheese and rarely consumed it; but in the past 6 months, because of stress at work, I developed stomach problems. In order to combat the increase of acid in my stomach, I began to drink milk on a daily basis. My stomach was helped but the fissure became worse by the day.

Because I already eat a high-fiber diet and consume large quantities of water, I knew that the dairy must be the problem. So, I completely cut dairy out of my diet and within 3 days my fissure was gone. I have been healed for over a month now, and even times when I have had less water and fiber and my stool is not soft, the fissure has not returned.

Another side benefit is that my health has really improved. During that 6 months of drinking milk, I was the first one to get any sickness that came around our house. Now, in this past two months the flu bug and cold bug have taken down everyone in my house, except me! I am amazed.

Thank you so much for your website, I never would have realized the problem without the insights you have posted here for all to read.

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