Patient 39

Patient 39

Date: Sat, 1 Feb 2003 23:06:48 -0800 (PST)
Subject: healing fissures

Hey man, I didn't know these things were so common! I didn't even know there was a name for it.

Thanks for running this site. Hope the following will be helpful.

The crucial discovery for me was WHAET GERM OIL, used as one would an ointment, combined with diet: lots of water, soupy foods, detox tea (yogitea brand), fruit/veggie juices. The wheat germ oil capsules were AMAZING. The fissure healed within a week.

To avoid fall-backs, I take 1.5 - 2 liters of water daily, and appropriate diet, which for me means a morningly glass of veggie/apple/cranberry juice and a cup of yogitea detox tea, and otherwise pretty much as you describe on your site (fruit and veggies; little meat, cheese, dairy; replace fats with olive oil; no refined sugar (replace with stevia), no refined foods in general, hardly any wheat products)

Full story:

After tearing, it was extremely painful all the time, and when I went to the bathroom I was convinced I was pressing out a rock with hard edges and at least egg-sized, when I was in fact dealing with really thin stool, and lots of blood came out, which scared me a lot. I was also concerned how to get help without getting myself completely embarrassed, and without subjecting myself to rigorous medical treatments.

I approached the issue as follows:

I assessed the situation, which was: every time I go to the bathroom, the skin will get ripped again as long as it is not healed; so if inflammation and bowel movement both continue, healing seems impossible. What can I do to change that?

I decided to go from both ends: 1. soften the stool to help the inflammation heal, and 2. heal the inflammation to help the stool get out without further pain.

I drank up to a gallon of water, lukewarm, if possible, so my body didn't need to do work to heat it up, and took Ayurvedic Detox tea, which softens my stool. I refrained from starchy foods, eating mainly soups and fruit and veggie juices. I would, if it happened again, do whatever else I consider a healthy way of softening my stool.

I searched over the counter ointments but wasn't satisfied with what they had to offer: the hemorrhoid stuff is NOT an anti-inflammatory, and many versions use cortisone, apparently. So that would have not really dealt with the inflammation anyways.

I ended up at a naturopath shop, and the woman said, no, there weren't any natural ointments for that, but that she had an idea: I should take WHEAT GERM OIL instead. That's what I did. I inserted the capsules, every time after I went to the bathroom, as I figured it needed re-oiling every time. Already that same day I started taking, it the pain and amount of blood receded. I think it took three days for it to heal, and about a week for me to feel completely comfortable again.

Best regards, and thanks again.

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