Patient 41

Patient 41

Sent: Monday, January 20, 2003 5:23 PM

I'm almost embarrassed to send my experience in. I'm a male in my late 40's, and I've had an anal fissure since I was in my late 20's. I just learned to live with the pain. Over the years I saw multiple doctors, who always treated it the same way. Various creams, ointments, and suppositories, and take sitz baths. A few years ago, one doctor recommended Metamucil. I would always beg the doctors for surgery, but their answer was always the same: lets give it 6 months on the cream, change your diet, etc. I just couldn't find a doctor who would recommend surgery. It's always been the same. In the past 3 years, I found ways to make the fissure more tolerable. About 3 years ago, I was lifting to much weight, and gave myself a "tennis elbow". The doctor prescribed Naproxen for it. One of the exciting side effects of this, it really helped my AF. I later got more prescriptions for it and kept using it when the AF would flare up. Usually it would only take about a week to go from the broom stick with splinters type pain to an itch. It really helped, but I just couldn't totally get rid of it. I know this is also in IBuprofen.

A year ago, I had a Vasectomy, and I was going through a really bad bout with the AF. I was almost tempted to tell the doctor not to use any pain killer, just so I'd have something else to think about than the AF. After the procedure, he gave me one week's worth of 50mg Vioxx, 3 to be taken a day. By the end of the day, the AF was feeling pretty good, by the end of the week, it was a slight itch. The only problem with using this to treat the AF is that my insurance company wouldn't cover it, its what they term as an experimental drug. I had my regular doctor write me prescriptions, but at $120 for 10 pills, I couldn't afford to take enough to cure the damn thing.

About 3 months after the Vasectomy, I decided I was going to try to find a specialist. I called around to various doctors in town, and one came highly recommend. He asked me to try the Metamucil for 6 months and if it didn't work, he would recommend the surgery. He also wrote me a prescription for the .2% Nitroglycerin ointment, but I didn't have it filled. I was unfamiliar with it (I hadn't seen your site) and decided not to try something so radical. I continued to live in the pain.

Just after the first of the year, we went to my parent's 50th anniversary. My AF was so bad during the party, it was difficult for me to stand up to toast my parents. My Uncle, who owns a Pecan farm in TX came to the anniversary and had brought bags of shelled pecans for us to take home. I started snacking on them the next day (I was trying to ruin my appetite so I wouldn't eat so much). Within a few hours, my AF started to feel better. The next day, I made a point to have some more, and got the same results. Since then, I've made it a point to eat 2 handfuls of the pecans everyday. It's now been almost 3 weeks, and I don't even have an itch. I know the pecans are high in fiber, but I was always told to stay away from nuts, that they were hard to digest. They're definitely high in cholesterol, and they are fattening. The neat thing is that I haven't done anything special. I haven't changed my diet (I eat too much Mexican and Italian foods). I haven't had to use the suppositories or the ointments. I am so surprised, it really feels like its gone. I've had it for over 20 years, this is the longest I've ever gone without the pain. I will let you know later if it comes back, but I'm sticking to the pecans.

Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2003 12:23:05 -0700

I ran out of pecans about a week after sending you the letter, but I thought I was completely cured. I found out that I was wrong about 2 weeks later. The fissure that returned wasn't too bad though, just some blood and pain while having a bowel movement, but afterwards just an itch to let me know it was there. I went out and bought 3 lbs of pecans. Within 5 days, I didn't feel a thing. This is without using any medication, suppositories, etc. This was also without changing my diet, other than snacking on the pecans in the evenings. Cost wise (now that I had to buy the pecans) is still less than medication, where I live the pecans are $5.75 a lb. I think it would be a good idea to get the word out about this miracle cure. Until I discovered the pecan cure, and reading the articles here, I had my mind made up to seek out a good doctor and have the surgery. Now my goal is to get back into shape on my bicycle. (I sure hope this doesn't increase the cost of pecans though, my Uncle sold his farm).

Date: Thu, 15 May 2003 11:45:06 EDT
Subject: thank you
From a different person

I tried your pecan suggestion for the fissure and am cured. I did nothing else differently at the time so I have to assume it was the pecans. Looked them up on the internet and they have natural wound healing properties. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I had been to the surgeon twice and was just about ready to go in for the surgery. I hope it lasts. They will be a part of my diet from now on!

Date: Sun, 2 Aug 2009 21:43:46 -0400
Subject: AF Pages: Pecan Cure
From yet another different person


I just wanted to drop a note and let you know that your site is wonderful and very much appreciated. Years ago I had an AF and was terrified of doctors and hospitals. I suffered for weeks in agony afraid and miserable. One day I came across your site and read about the powers of pecans among other things. Well I said what the heck, the pecans can't hurt. Well a week after eating a bag of nuts I was cured! Thank God the internet exists so people can share and learn from one another. I know the pecan cure doesn't work for everyone but even if it helps just one person, and it did-me, then I guess it was worth it. Anyway I just wanted to finally say thanks. Someone gave me a bad of pecans and as I was cracking some, I thought of this site.

   Grateful Pecan Lover

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