Patient 50

Patient 50

Date: Fri, 9 Jan 2004 15:08:23 -0800 (PST)
Subject: A. Fissure - Cured with Wheat Germ Oil, Gotu Kula & Wheat Grass


Thanks for maintaining this site.

I would like to share my case with other people and I hope that my experience will help them to recover from their AF.

I have my AF for more than 5 years now. I used to treat it with hydrocortisone suppositories and creams, but the problem with hydrocortisone is that makes your skin thinner so as a result of this side effect I was having an AF each time more and more often, some times when I wasn't really constipated. Last time I had the fissure for almost 3 months and it didn't want to heal, the hydrocortisone worked no more. I felt that the level of pain was equal to the sum of all the pain described by other people in the AF Self Help Page.

I read all the cases described in this site and I made a list of everything that worked for other people. Tried almost everything with very little or no results until I tried Wheat Germ Oil recommended for one lady on this site. I also found on the web that Gotu Kula and Wheat Grass have excellent healing properties and they have been used to treat AFs with great success. (You can find them at GNC stores) I had one of each capsules by mouth at bedtime and another of each in the morning. Also I mixed 6 soft gel capsules of Wheat Germ Oil with the contain of 2 capsules of Gotu Kula and 2 capsules of Wheat Grass; sieved the mix using a piece of gauze and applied it to the fissure. The results were almost immediately, in lest than a week I was having painless BM and the fissure was healed.

One tablespoon of Olive Oil at bedtime and in the morning helped me to have a really soft stool. The hot water bottle really helped me with the spasms. After tree months of being healed I got constipated again and the fissure came back. I cut the tips and squeeze two Wheat Germ Oil soft gel capsules to the fissure and had 2 capsules of Gotu Kula by mouth at bedtime. The next day the fissure was gone.

I hope that my experience will help other people with their AF as other people's experience have helped me with mine.

Thanks a lot again,


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