Patient 52

Patient 52

Date: Fri, 5 Nov 2004 10:48:37 -0800 (PST)
Subject: A different cure: Softwash cleansing cloths & Desitine

Thank you so much for posting this information. After having my daughter I was misdiagnosed with having hemmoroids. After 3 months of trying to treat them with Prep. H, Tucks, prunes, Colace...u name it, the pain only got worse. I was in severe pain and dreaded everytime I have to go to the bathroom. I finally gave in and made an appointment with a colon and rectal specialist.

The Dr. told me I had an anal fissure. He prescribed using a topical treatment called Nefideprine. He was unable to to tell me if this drug was OK to use while breastfeeding. I asked my Ob, Peditrician, and Pharmacist. None of them could give me a clear answer. It seems as though using this drug to treat anal fissures is a fairly new solution and that it is usually used for people with Hypertension. The Pharmacist stated that Patients had complained of headaches when using the product, which is a common side effect when taking this drug orally for Hypertension. Since patients were getting these side effects from the topical treament, the medicine must be getting into the bloodstream. I decided it wasn't worth the risk of injuring my child and I did not want to stop breastfeeding, so I tried a new approach.

The Dr. explained that anal fissures take a long time to heal. He used the analogy that if you got a cut on your leg and put stool in it, it would not heal for a long time. From this analogy, I decided the only way to get this to heal is to keep it as clean as possible. After going to the bathroom each time, I would wash the area with "Johnsons & Johnson's softwash cleansing cloths" These cloths are meant to be used to wash a newborn. The cloths are extremely soft and contain a very mild soap. After washing I put Desitine ( a diaper rash ointment) on the effected area. After only a week I was feeling better and in 2 weeks I felt like I was back to normal. This is a natural solution that worked wonders for me. Especially since the Dr. said I wouldn't heal for 4-6 weeks with Nefideprine. I also made sure I drank enough water and ate lots of fiber.

At a time when I was in extreme pain and searching for help, you site was a blessing to know others were having as much difficulty as I was. Thank you and I hope you post this solution for others to try.

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