Patient 55

Patient 55

Date: Mon, 20 Jan 2003 16:57:59

I can't believe I am emailing people about this topic. But here it goes. I had an anal fissure which was a very traumatic experience about 9 months ago. Long story short, went to doctor, got proctofoam, even got a colonoscopy (very expensive procedure but since my insurance was paying, it was free for all for the specialist, results were normal, duh).

Anyway, the fissure came back tonight. I had some blood when I wiped, the itchiness had started in my butt a couple of days ago. So, after reading this, I tried putting some Carmex (similar to the Lip Balm mentioned earlier) and it WORKS.

*****As I am typing this, I have a "Cooling" feeling and most of the itching has stopped.*****

I tried this after Hydrocortisone cream would NOT work and after the Neosporing knock-off would NOT work and after the Preparation H suppository made it WORSE. I think the suppository is what CAUSED the bleeding in the FIRST PLACE, this time.

Anyway, my comment is that:

  1. The Carmex or any Lip Ointment, stops the itching/burning almost immediately, it DOES work.
  2. The one thing all the doctors I saw about this problem did tell me was that I was dehydrated. I think dehydration somehow thins out the tissue down there, making it more susceptible to breaks. So drink PLENTY of water, not for days but for weeks and why not for the rest of you life. I am drinking a huge jug now, about 5 cups.
  3. Lastly, (and this is another point altogether), I have been taking Allergy Medicine for a couple of days in order to make me drowsy for me to go to bed at a descent hour. Well last time I had a fissure, I was taking Allergy Medicine as well (enough to make me drowsy) and lo and behold, I get a fissure. So, I strongly believe THERE IS a connection and I am not taking the Allergy Medicine, any-more.

I hope everyone feels better, uses the lip balm, and Drinks More Water, and watch it with the Allergy Medicine (mine had the Diphenhydramine HCL) ingredient in it.

I can't testify to the spicy foods but I guess after many years of living, if your stomach is not used to it and you start eating them, they can cause problems.

THANKS for the site and for everyone being so frank/honest about their experiences and thanks again to the lady who submitted the lip balm comment. Thank You.

Happy and worry free "unloading"

Date: Sat, 22 Mar 2008 18:04:12 -0400 To:

March 22, 2008

Dear Jack,

I have have an anal fissure since the start January 2008. I was recently diagned with HBP,diabetes, and High cholesterol. I was put on a bunch of meds at once and soon therafter, experienced my first anal fissure. Imade an appointment with a colorectal specialist who put me on a two month waiting list ( my appointment is the last week of April 2008), after trying various home remedies for a few weeks. After reaching my breaking point, I ran across your site and read it. The one comment I saw was patient 55's suggestion for uisng fiber supplements and Carmex. I was desperate enough to try it, and I am glad to say that I have had my second day of pain free movement in six weeks as of this writing. I am grateful for this site, and will recommend it to anyone who has this problem. Thank you, you saved my sanity!


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