Patient 64

Patient 64

Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2006 16:02:18 +0200
Subject: another AF cause to add to list

Hi Jack-

I am sure I have a terrible AF. I will keep this brief as you are clearly overwhelmed with managing this page content on hobby time. I am 30 and undergoing chemo treatment for breast cancer. I have several friends on chemo. All of us complain of the hemorrhoids and AF both because constipation is a side effect of the drugs, and because the drugs attack all the ever so important mucus linings in the body, making BMs unnaturally difficult...anyhow, will be trying any and all of your remedies. Starting however, with 3 Tbsp of OLIVE OIL a day, which I've only seen mentioned once on your site in passing. Will let you know how that helps. However, I didn't know at first it was because of the chemo, so it might be useful to list... I've been complaining to my doctors about my terrible bleeding hemorrhoids but they are kinda like "ho hum, oh yes. Here's some hemorrhoids cream". Now I will get assertive that they help me and understand the level of my pain! It's the WORST part of my chemotherapy by far and the only side effect that makes me think I can't do it for another 3 sessions!

Thanks a million!!

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