Patient 68

Patient 68

Date: Mon, 9 Apr 2007 21:27:19 -0500

Jack; thanks for your website. Although none of the remedies helped me directly, they did lead me to the solution for me. When I first encountered these painful and rather scarey holes, I assumed they were something to do with hemmoroids, as this was the only thing I had ever heard of as being in that location. I tried all the creams and ointments available OTC, and after reading the comments on your site even tried the tinactin. All the creams and ointments turned the skin around the anus into a waterlogged fragile mess and the fissures increased from three or four to ten or twelve. Some were small like small incisions, but several were large (half an inch in length) that bled when irritated.

After several weeks of the constant irritation, itching and bleeding, it occured to me that if the creams and ointments made it worse, perhaps drying them out would make them better. I grabbed a container of Gold Bond Medicated Body Powder, and applied it generously to the affected area. The powder cooled the irritation immediately, and stopped the itching. I used baby wipes gently for cleansing, dried with a tisue and then applied more powder. I did this several times a day, especially after a bowel movement. Within three days all of the smaller fissures were gone, and by the end of the second week all were gone except one rather deep inside the anal opening. After manipulating powder into the opening (squatting over a hand mirror with a flashlight)(afterall, you are alone in your bathroom), I managed to get powder into that one as well, and after another week, it had also disappeared. I have now been fissure free for three weeks, and continue to use the Gold Bond powder regularly as a proactive solution.

Hope this solution can help others. Steve

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