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Mom 2
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Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2000


I am a 27 year old mom, who developed and anal fissure during childbirth. It took months after my daughter was born to finally have it diagnosed by my family physician. As soon as he saw it, he said "you have a fissure". My ob/gyn kept telling me that this was normal after giving birth and not uncommon. I would tear and retear. For 1 1/2 years I had excruciating pain with each bowel movement. They even thought that maybe I had an intestinal disease. Sitz baths didn't make it feel better, but rather worse. I used anbesol, tucks, and neosporin (something I thought of myself). Although this relieved my pain I wasn't healing. I had surgery after about 20 months of dealing with it. The surgery didn't help and my doctor suggested another. Although the surgery wasn't painful, I didn't want to do it again. Finally my mother gave me this ointment distributed by NuSkin International, called enhancer. It seemed to help and now most of my bowel movements are pain free. My fissure has healed, but a lot of scar tissue has built up and makes having a bowel movement difficult. I feel much better! I didn't know about the other medicines that are available. I am however glad I came to this site.

My daughter 2 1/2 now seems to have an anal fissure. I just noticed it today, I saw a sliver of skin just outside the anus to which I immediatly applied the enhancer. I hope it works for her as it did for me. She is very sensitive to milk and loves drinking it. Although I usually limit her intake, she sometimes manages to take in too much dairy. I learned early that she NEEDS a well balanced diet. She very easily has hard large stools if I'm not careful about what she's eating. I think this is what has caused her problems. I am also worried about the psychological aspects of having a fissure in a child that, although she is not potty training yet, will be soon. She has begun holding her bowel movements just two days ago. She screams and all I can do is hold her and talk to her. I'm taking her to the doctor tomorrow. I'm hoping since we're catching this early, she will heal really fast. I don't want her to go through what I've experienced.

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