Mom 4

Mom 4

Date: Wed, 12 Jun 2002
Subject: Thank you for the AF site!!!

Hi Jack,

You can post all of my email. It would probably fit in with the other pregnancy posts. Please do not post my email address though, I'm popular enough ;-)

I'd like to add that after reading as much as I could on your site and on the yahoo newsgroup I've decided to try the Botox injections first before trying surgery. They seem to have less complications risks than the surgery and my insurance will cover them (yay!) so why not? I'm not sure if this is safe during breastfeeding, so I may have to wait.

I've also found out more about pregnancy and AF.

  1. Beware of prenatal vitamins because they contain exta iron. A few sufferers swear that these vitamins were the actual cause of their AFs. In my case it may be the iron that made me so constipated and made the AF return--I really wish I had known.
  2. Posters have said that topical nifedipine is ok to use during pregnancy and works like the nitro, minus the headaches--check with your OB first!
  3. I'm going to go to a dietician for help because the diet recommended for pregnancy in most books (lots of calcium, i.e. dairy, and protein) is typically pretty hard on the AF--and of course the diet recommended for the AF (mainly vegetarian), makes it difficult to get the calcium/protein combo recommended for baby.
  4. If anybody knows what impact labor and delivery have on existing AFs, please post your experiences. I know that episiotomies are performed to avoid the vagina tearing into the anus which can create an AF that is very difficult to heal, however I'm not sure what impact pushing this baby out will have on my existing AF. I'd like to know if there are any preventative measures I can take.

Thanks for your response Jack, and again thank you for this site--you're doing a good thing here!

>Subject: Re:  Thank you for the AF site!!!
>Date: Mon, 10 Jun 2002 22:38:29 -0700 (PDT)
> > To: jack
> > Subject: Thank you for the AF site!!!
> >
> > I am in SOOO much pain. I have a 2-year-old fissure I was managing ok. I
> > finally got pregnant and the constipation associated with the pregnancy
> > really, really messed up my AF. So, you can only imagine how uncomfortable I
> > am, 6 months pregnant and an ever-hurting AF. There really is no comfortable
> > position for me at this stage. I'm spending a lot of time in the tub with
> > warm sitz baths for my butt and cold foot bath for my swollen feet, LOL.
> >
> > Surgery may be an option for me but I have to wait until after I give birth
> > and since I'm breastfeeding, I'm not sure when I'll be able to go under
> > anesthesia and get it done.
> >
> >
> > Well back to your site. I wanted you to know that I tried Nitroglycerin
> > therapy last year and it put me to bed with EXTREME, DISABLING headaches. I
> > usually don't get them and I was terrified I had a brain tumor--it took me
> > three days to figure out that it was the cream causing them. I hadn't read
> > the side effects and frankly, who would link a butt cream with extreme
> > headaches? Well, after reading your site and finding the poster who
> > explained that in some cases the pharmacy gives you 2% nitro instead of .2%,
> > I went and checked my tube... it was 2%!!! And I was slathering it on real
> > thick, no wonder!
> >
> > Could you post a warning about this on your site, I'm thinking this error
> > could be dangerous for some people and it seems to be a common mistake.  I
> > believe I got a toxic dosage.
>Sure, I can do that.  How about your write up what should be there and
>tell me where to put it?  I thought the information was clearly there but
>you and others have trouble finding it.
> > Also, is there any way to ask patient 32 (the Tinactin lady) which surgery
> > worked for her? She said it was pretty painless and worked fast. I'm really
> > wondering which one they did on her.
>There is no way to ask her.  Most have the standard surgery that is often
>written about.  For some, it is no big deal and for a few others, it messes
>them up for years.
> > Well thanks again for your site... it is so comforting to know that I am not
> > alone in this nightmare. I think you are helping a lot of lurkers out there
> > who do not contact you.
>I think that you are right.  I get lots of hits.
> > If I ever manage to get this fixed I will email you my story.
>I look forward to reading your get well story.  Hang in there and drink
>lots of water.
> > God bless!
>   Jack

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